The Love of a Mother

Growing up my mom used to say to me, “I love u more than anything n this world.” & “I love u more than I love myself” & “I love you so much, I’d die 4 u” & “You’re my child and I’d do anything 4 u”  It used to get on my nerves so much the older I got!  At 16 I became pregnant with my 1st son, Christopher Bryant.  Then I turned 17 a month later.  It didn’t seem real 2 me.  I was n a daze.  Didn’t wanna tell my mom just yet.  I knew what she’d say.  All her & my sister were worried about was my modeling career…I knew God gave me my college years as a teen 4 some reason & this was it. I knew God was doing this 4 a reason.

At my 1st doctor visit, I went alone.  I heard Chris’s heartbeat.  I cried tears of happiness & joy!  It all became real to me then & I fell n love.  Deep n love!  I thought I had loved before, but there, at that moment (& I can still say) there’s nothing like the love you have for your child!

When you’re pregnant, u do everything to make sure your baby comes out healthy, eating nutritious foods, talking, reading & singing 2 your baby.  I found myself thanking God a lot to!  I’m not one who believes in abortion  My whole fam wanted that (except my grandparents on my daddy’s side).  My daddy disowned me as soon as he heard.  His loss (even tho I still miss him 11 yrs later) & what’s crazy is Chris looks exactly like him!!  Anyway, as my pregnancy progressed & I got to see my baby for the 1st time & I fell even deeper n love!  Proud & showing off the pics,. even if I was unmarried.  I was at peace with myself for the 1st time n my life & so very much n love!  My mother got more excited the further along I got, yet she was the 1 to voice the abortion more than any1 else.  Didn’t want me to “ruin my life.”  She would tell me how hard it was but I didn’t care, I was n love 🙂  But I could see that she was falling n love 2!!

When my due date came & went, I was sad…wanted 2 met this little baby I was so n love with.  Three days later &16hrs of labor, Christopher Bryant made his appearance 🙂  WOW!!  I knew my mom wasn’t lying all those years!  There truly is no other love than a mother’s love, I must admit!!

Last year, n March of 2011, I learned that God blessed me once again!!  11yrs later after trying all those yrs, I was pregnant with another little boy 🙂  I fell deep n love again.  I’m in love with my fiancee & Christopher, now I have another little boy to love!!  I didn’t know I could love this much!  I have to admit, I would do anything for my boys, die for them but would rather live for them 🙂  They are my love, my life, my everything & there is nothing in this world like a mother’s love!!My Boys


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