Kallyn’s 1st Birthday

My second and youngest son turned one year old December 4, 2012 – last wk – and we had a family get together at our house so that we could let him open presents and eat cake.  I helped him open presents. After showing him how to tear into the wrapping paper, he seemed to get the hang of it! How quick a child learns!  After amusing us for a while on the presents and me making my fiancee, David take a ton of pics of me and Kallyn doing so….we moved on to the sugary sweet taste of cake!  His granny on daddy’s side had gotten us a half of a sheet cake for the family to eat on and Kallyn the hugest cupcake I think I have ever laid eyes on!!!  It’s funny, we put the cupcake in front of him and it was like he knew he shouldn’t touch it and get all dirty or mommy would be mad!!!  So while video taping, I stuck his hand in it!!  He then began to look at his hand each time that he touched the cupcake.  I had my mom put the cupcake on his face!  Daddy then took some icing and put it in his mouth.  Do you think he made a “YUM” face??  NOPE!  He made a nasty face but….continued to eat it!  With daddy’s help of course!  I turned the video camera off and started to take pics.  Everyone was laughing and he just looked at us like we were crazy!  I wonder what was going on in his mind?? hmmmm……  Even tho it was a small get together and nothing really big….what was important was that family were there to share his birthday experience with him.  You don’t need anything out of this world for a first birthday, just loved ones….they’re the only ones that matter at the end of the day.  So after Kallyn almost devoured his cupcake, he finally drank out of his sippy cup for the first time (haven’t been able to do it since!) and to my surprise, he was not a wild child from all the sugar, he was sleepy…it was of course 2 hrs past his nap time, so kisses to everyone and off to bed he went 🙂  A wonderful first birthday with video and a lot of pics to prove it!!  Happy day 🙂Image


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