Indian woman gang raped, dies in hospital

   On December 16, 2012 an Indian man and woman were attacked by a gang of men leaving the man who was 28-year-old and an information technologist specialist walking with a cane and “the closest person to my heart,” a 23-year-old petite recent college graduate was left raped, beaten and eventually, died in the hospital a few days later.  Both her name and his are being withheld due to Indian law governing the identification of the woman as a rape victim.

   Thankfully, five men are facing charges including rape, kidnapping and murder.  What is shocking to me, though not in India, is that a juvenile is also being charged in juvenile court. No reports are saying what exactly the juvenile is being charged with.  Of course you know that all of them are saying that they are innocent or were not there.

   Sad to say that the last thing she did was watch the movie “The Life of Pi” at the mall then take pictures by a fountain with her friend of two years.  Even though he wanted to linger, she was eager to get home.  So they went to a bus stop where she could catch a ride home.  At this stop, a bus was already there waiting when they arrived and the juvenile defendant calls out the window, “Didi, where do you have to go?”  Didi means elder sister.  They boarded the bus and sat on the second row.  The man observed other men sitting around them and told his friend that “today it was ok to ride this kind of bus, but don’t do it in the future.”  Their ride was normal for only five minutes he says.

   You can find an article on this at: 

   She tried to call the police but one of the men took her phone.  He was beaten with a metal rod repeatedly.  While she was dragged to the back of the bus, held down, raped, assaulted with the same metal rod and they were both stripped naked and thrown off the bus because someone started to yell that “she’s dead, she’s dead” but the young man found out when they finally arrived at the hospital she was alive.

   It killed me to read in this article that five days later when her friend came to visit her in ICU to apologize for letting her down, I read that she had been so violently raped and beaten that much of her intestines had been surgically removed.  She had replied to him that if only she had listened and stayed at the mall by the fountain as he had wished and missed the bus.  Bitter sweet that they reminded each other it had been exactly two years since they had first texted each other.  She tried to hug him but couldn’t because of all of the medical equipment attached to her.

   She had to be transferred to Singapore for treatment and sadly, he learned of her death via the television.  I could not imagine that.  They were very close friends from different levels of hierarchy of the Indian life.  They would have been shunned had they decided to be more than friends, but now that she is gone, he thinks of what could have been.

   While researching Indian law, I found out that rape is punishable by life in prison.  There are many rapists behind bars in India.  India is now working to get the death penalty for rape.  How I wish the United States of America was like that.  Our law.  Each state is different but no state puts a rapist in prison for life.  Everyone has a different view on how long someone should be in prison for for which crime.  I feel like they should be in prison for life.  I like the Indian law.  When someone is raped, it’s not just rape, it’s also soul murder.  That’s just my opinion.Image


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