God’s Stained Glass

Beautifully broken comes from a song images of a life full of things gone wrong.

Broken implies something useless and old, no longer wanted, tarnished and cold.

But that’s not the image of her that I see, not the image of her she’s revealed to me.

Yes, I understand the pieces of pain, senseless events with nothing to gain.

Every event that comes from her pat is just like a piece of crooked edged glass.

Each single piece could be happy or sad, could mean something joyful or terribly bad.

But, each little piece is personally unique like the marks that are found on a precious antique.

Breaks and marks that show she’s alive from the good and bad things she had to survive.

So, like a window of beautiful stained glass…kaleidoscope colors reflecting her past

The pieces all join in the image I see of a sweet, lovely woman so amazing to me.

By anonymous…I dedicate this to my mother


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