I Never Meant to Hurt You

You never told me how you felt

How deep your feelings ran

I’m sorry I was too blind to see

What was there for me to hold

My heart aches for how I hurt you

The insensitivity that I showed

Please know I never meant it

I simply did not know

I am not a perfect being

As a person, I make mistakes

But know that I love you

It grows more each passing day

Let’s put the past behind us

Learn how to trust again

For your heart I do not want to break

But embrace for days to come

I want to see this new love grow

Into something more than I can imagine

Please find it in your heart to forgive

These past things that once took place

I am awed that you have chosen me

To share this time in your life

I promise to give you all I have

For a chance to love again.


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