I Was Just Proposed To!!!!

Hello all!

I am an extremely happy woman right now! On Sunday, March 10, 2013 my boyfriend of two years, David, proposed to me! I knew he was getting me a ring, we have been talking about it for a while. I was totally surprised when I finally got my ring! Here’s how the engagement went:

David said, “Will you come help me change Kallyn’s diaper?” I was busy trying to clean the living room and I wondered why in the world he asked that. So I said to him, “You’ve never had a problem changing him before.” (Kallyn is our 15 month old son) He replies, “He kicks a lot, I need you to hold him down.” Which I knew to be true so I went with him. He asks me to get the diaper ready. I noticed it was bunched up which was unusual. I had a funny feeling. I opened the diaper and there it was, a blue ring box! I started jumping up and down, literally! I opened the box and saw the most huge, beautiful and sparkly diamond ring I’ve ever laid my eyes on! It was absolutely gorgeous! I jumped up and down again and jumped toward David and kissed up and hugged him! He asked to see the ring, so I gave it to him. With Kallyn still laying very still watching us on the bed, David gets down on his right knee and says, “So I guess that means you will marry me?” I continued to jump up and down again and said “yes” about three or four times!! He put the ring on my ring finger and I just stared at my beautiful, exquisite 1.17 karat diamond platinum engagement ring! When I looked up, I noticed a video camera in the corner of the room! He had been recording the entire thing! So he grabs the camera as I show Kallyn the ring, Kallyn touched the diamond and smiled! Then he looked at the video camera. David got a close up view of my ring and I spoke to the camera telling it how happy David had just made me and David got a view of me smiling from ear to ear showing the hand my ring was on under my chin!!

So, needless to say, I am a VERY happy woman! I love him more and more everyday. I couldn’t believe that I could love another person (that wasn’t my child) as much as I love David! He is my best friend, my heart, my soul mate, my better half, the father of my youngest son and now my fiancee and soon to be husband for the rest of our lives!! The happiest days of my life are as follow: the day I gave myself to the Lord, June 25, 2010; birth of my first born, Christopher on August 12, 2000; the birth of my second son, Kallyn on December 4, 2011 and now, my engagement on March 10, 2013!!

I aim to make him the happiest woman on Earth! I love you David Newcomb!

1st time on finger n the sun sparkling  Look at how the diamond sparkles in the sunlight!!

~Courtney 🙂


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