My Silent Night

When sunlight turns to darkness

When all is calm…when all is quite

When all is at peace…my silent night is with you.

Thoughts of you lying next to me in the silence of the night

Every breath that you take, I listen to knowing…your soul burns just like mine.

Laying down my head upon your chest, every beat of your heart

Passion of a love burns inside…beats the same song of love

Just like mine in rhythm never missing a beat

Wrapping my arms around you touching your skin

Holding you close to me, I snuggle closer and closer

Your warmth I wish to feel

A tear rolls down my cheek

Falling down to touch your skin

I wonder if you can feel the love that just touched your skin

In your dream tonight do you know and feel this love?

Do you know what you really mean to me?

My silent night with you forever and beyond.

I dedicate this to my fiancee, David


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