The Angels in Heaven

Thoughts of death run through my mind, running…running…running
Dear good Lord I ask You…why did they have to die?
You took my one and only best friend, Rebecca at such a ripe young age and no less, by a painful car accident. Then 12 years later, I guess you saw fit, to take another from the Merritt family…and again, no less by a painful car accident. Her father suffered so much pain, though EMS says she did not, You put him in ICU, and for what?
Alan took my son and I in when we had no where to go. He let us stay there even though his daughter, my best friend…was gone. He treated us like a friend and sometimes a father…

Oh how I miss you Rebecca, I still cry quite often, even 18 years later. And Alan, how I miss our talks…nothing will ever be the same.

I hate that The good Lord took you guys away from us but He needed His best Angels up there with Him.

I am so happy that your family is now back together again in Heaven with The Lord you love so much. Now Rebecca isn’t alone, she has her mom and dad by her side.

I will never forget y’all.


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