The Road to Surviving Rape

I was raped May 15, 1995. I swear it was the most horrible day of my life. The title to this is “survivor” but I was a victim for many years. It is a long road to recovery to becoming a survivor. You need to accept help from others and not just bottle it up inside and not talk about it. That’s not the way to go. That’s what I did for the first 3 months after my rape. My mom got me into therapy but I didn’t trust my therapist because she was my mom’s therapist and I was afraid she’d tell my mom whatever I said even when she told me about the doctor-patient confidentiality clause. I was 13 and just did not believe her.

One thing that I did know after my rape was that I wanted to help others when I was healed enough and strong enough to help other people.  Never knowing how long, when and if that would happen. Well in 2006 I decided I wanted to write a book because when I was looking for answers there were hardly no books out there. I began collecting research. A year and a half ago I began collecting other victims donated stories to put in my book,with-holding their last names or just changing their names all together. But give them credit in the book in the beginning. My story being the beginning leading into why I wanted and needed to write this book.

If you are reading this and would like to help me, please message me. You can do this anonymously if you want but I will respect your privacy should you share your name and not want others to know, because I know I wanted mine respected back then. I am an advocate for victims now. I want justice for victims! My email is in the subject line, please put ‘rape’

I am going to list some resources below should you or others you know need it. Please share.

RAINN – Rape, Assault, Incest, National Network 1*800*656*HOPE (RAINN: The nation’s largest anti-sexual assault organization. One of “America’s 100 Best Charities”)

National Dating Abuse Hotline – 1*800*799*SAFE (7233) or 1*800*787*3224 (TTY)

Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 1*800*273*TALK (8255) for Veterans press 1, en Espanol oprima el 2  1*800*799*4889 (TTY)

USA National Child Abuse Hotline – 1*800*4*A*CHILD (222*4443) or 800*2*A*CHILD (222*4453, TDD for hearing impaired)

National Youth Crisis Hotline – 1*800*448*4663

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Helpline and Treatment – 1*800*234*0420



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