31 is all me!

   I took a new venture on June 8, 2013 to have parties and sell for Thirty-One Gifts. While I have only sold Avon and did not do parties with them, I was uneasy about the idea of the parties but I was more overwhelmed with the idea of having fun while doing my business! I had not experienced fun with Avon. I saw my director before she was my director and she was always fun and bubbly and it was contagious. After asking her a ton of questions, I left with our conversations in the back of my mind. I loved her ideas. She was actually having fun doing her own Thirty-One business!

   One day I called the lady up and I said, “Hey do you think we can meet up today?” It was not at all on my brain to sign up with her but I found myself driving to the bank and getting out the $99 new consultant fee. When I arrived at the mall food court where we were to meet, I sat down. I felt as if I were in a daze. Really! Everything seemed so surreal. When she arrived, my mood increased in happiness. The funny thing was…as soon as she sat down…I blurted out, “I want to sign on with you” I didn’t see that one coming!! You know the saying. “Think outside of the box”? Well I think I was looking down from the outside of the box that moment!!

   She had just said hello, that’s it!! My life changed when I received my big pink and white box with all of my new consultant products that I’d use for my parties!! All throughout school, from elementary to high school, I have always been a social person and have been to parties from middle school and up. I had never had my own party though. Always had this fear that no one would come or they would laugh at me (not in the good way).

   So my first hostess got the biggest order yet! Close to $700! I had asked my director who signed me up to please come to the party and help me. She did, but she was late, so I started off with a game and like a drug….I became hooked on having parties! I loved doing the set up and talking to the people at the party!

   Thirty-One has changed my life. I am now a more happier person than I ever was and I get happier every time I have a party!! I do fundraisers, online parties, catalog parties, Facebook parties and in home parties. They are all so fun!! The in home parties can even be themed or just a good ol’ girl’s night out/in!! 

   If you are interested in this or want to know more, just message me or go to http://www.mythirtyone.com/CourtneysBags 


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