Durham Crisis Response Center Needs your help….

Government Shut Down Jeopardizes Durham’s Only Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Shelter

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, but many shelters might have to cut services to clients due to the Federal Government Shut Down.  Durham, North Carolina may now be no different.

Our Federal Government shut down has begun to impact our community in Durham, North Carolina.  For more than 30- years Durham Crisis Response Center (DCRC) has had a presence in the community providing critical services to victims of domestic and sexual violence.  These free and confidential services include counseling, legal advocacy, support groups and emergency shelter.  In 2012, Durham Crisis Response Center sheltered 237 women and children and was forced to turn away 98 women due to lack of shelter space.  Durham Crisis Response Center received over 4000 calls utilizing 15,000 volunteer hours to service.  These services are vital to our community.

 The prolonged shutdown means that victims of domestic violence or sexual assault may not have anywhere to turn for an escape to be safe, such as the 24-hour crisis line, emergency shelter, legal advocacy, and many other services.  This shut down and the lack of local funding in many cases may inadvertently force victims to stay in unsafe situations.

Each October, Durham Crisis Response Center hosts an event entitled “An Empty Place at the Table“.  The event displays table settings featuring pictures, poems, awards and other personal memorabilia specially designed for each person who was the victim of a Domestic Violence -related homicide in Durham County.   This year is no different; the table settings are placed, commemorating their lives. It is also a time to honor those who have succeeded in escaping the violence and have started anew.

The combination of the shutdown still continuing, and our lack of funding reminds us of  our concern for the future prevention and  safety of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault victims .

Durham Crisis Response Center believes it is vital that our community friends engage with Durham Crisis Response Center, now in an effort to continue to keep the doors open during the shutdown.  “As the stress of the shut down and its economic affect continue we may have an even larger need for victim services and emergency shelter.  When a victim reaches out, many times they have one chance to do so. Our doors need to remain open and our Empty Place at The Table display…need not become any larger”, says Tammy Donald, DCRC

DCRC asks the community to visit our web site and help us by making a financial donation today.  DCRC asks the media to assist us by informing our community of this critical stage we are in and our need for help, to be able to continue to guide victims of domestic violence and sexual assault into survivorship.


How Can YOU Help:

1.  Donate today thru our web site and click the donate now button- any amount will help

2.  Like us on facebook to receive breaking news and other information

We have sponsorship opportunities including our “Circle Of Friends, Table Sponsorship” and other opportunities available.  We are also asking supporters to donate items for our auction.  If you have questions about how to sponsor this event or donate an auction item, please contact me for more information.


 Tammy Donald

Director of Marketing and Project Development

Durham Crisis Response Center



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