A Love Lost : My Short Story

I gave my love fully and unconditionally. You did not appreciate it. You sent me into a deep depression because the love was not reciprocated even though you asked me to marry you. My heart feels torn to shreds now. I never thought I would see this day with you. I knew we would be together forever. I asked God, no I begged God to give me another child. I gave up on the hopes of another child. We got back together and immediately were pregnant. I thank you for my miracle baby. Though we had some good memories, I will miss you. The way we cuddled to sleep. It’s hard to fall asleep now. But hey, that’s life. I have to learn to move on as you no longer want me. You think you can keep my son away from me but sorry, he is my child too and I am in works to have my rights noticed . I would never keep your child away from you. It is wrong to keep a child from either parent, but you don’t feel the same way. It’s ok because I have the Lord on my side and with all things thru God, all things are possible. My son will once again be in my arms. It may not be next week, but I will have him, you can bet on that.

It’s sad that you are acting the way you are when we never even fight nor argue. You are wrong for what you are doing on so many levels. God sees and hears all. He is inside me and that is what is keeping me sane. Your kids were taken from you from your ex-wife and you think it’s right to do it to me. Well just remember what I said, I WILL have him back. Maybe not today, now tomorrow, but sooner than you think. And I will not be as cold-hearted as you, you can see him on the weekend and when you have time for him.

I thought our love was stronger than anything. Well my love for you was. I still love you despite what you are doing to me and have done to me. We were to be married and spend the rest of our lives together, holding hands, just as our grandparents do. I will miss being around you, miss you and the love we shared at one point in time.

You are my heart and always will be there is where you will stay forever.. Farewell my love, farewell.


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