Coca-Cola’s America the Beautiful Superbowl commercial

I missed the Superbowl commercials of 2014 in which I REALLY wanted to see them…and the half time show! But as I chatted with some friends on Facebook, I was told there is an uproar about this Coca-Cola commercial. With the song, “America the Beautiful” sung in different languages. It was quite weird to hear that to say the least, not how I’ve always heard it sung but why are so many people angry at this?

The United States is called “The Melting Pot” for a reason. All nationalities, all different cultures, different ethnicities, languages and colors come here to either come live with family, get away from their situation at home or to come and live the oh so famous, “American Dream”. Some of the people that migrate here could be doing so now, the past month or even decade. But a lot of immigrants came over 150 years or so ago. Families, due to our socioeconomic status and culture probably speak both English and their native tong in their homes. Traditions and so forth.

In school we all had to put our hand over our hearts and say the pledge of allegiance to the flag. They still do that today. Not something that I am really happy with because of religious reasons, but that’s neither here nor there.

Ok, so what that that song was sung not only in other languages but English as well!? This world is full of people who speak at least two other languages. That’s what’s so great about this country, the world. We come together, especially when tragedy strikes, we’re there to help out our neighbors. Stop giving Coca-Cola all that unnecessary drama. Don’t like the commercial? Turn the channel, put it on mute or just walk away from the television set!

United States=Melting Pot  #SoGetOverIt!!


4 responses to “Coca-Cola’s America the Beautiful Superbowl commercial

  1. Its ridiculous. People are so closed minded. And I’ll bet these people probably got here cause their ancestors came here. As far as I’m concerned Native Americans are the only ones with a reason to complain. But they live their life through forgiveness. Which is amazing to me.

    • I totally agree with you on the Native American aspect. They were overrun by white English people. I couldn’t have lived as a Native American, I would have probably have not been able to forgive, but who knows. As Christians, we are all supposed to forgive. Guess this world just ain’t ready for that

      • Well I’m 1/16th Cherokee and an Atheist. I try to live my life like my ancestors. They lived a very noble life. Not like the European Christians who forced them onto reservations and killed many by making them march halfway across the country. But the point is that most Americans just wait for things to complain about. Its dumb really.

        • I agree with you once again. We as Americans complain too much. I’d say 95% of us don’t even think about the other people in other 3rd world countries that have it worse than we do. What makes me hate being white is knowing that my ancestors did this to Native Amercians. I am actually German on my dad’s side…not sure on my moms because her mom was an orphan. But still. Whites did horrible things to Native Americans as well as the Mexicans did also. It’s not only the whites to blame. I just wish for world peace!!! Too much to ask, I mean really!!

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