A Mother and Her Baby: “Rape Her Please”

You’ve been shown and taught that a mother is a nurturer and protector. Most mothers do exactly that. Although there are a handful of mothers out there that do not deserve to have the title of “mother” because of things they have done or do to their child(ren). I came across this article in the Huffington Post and was just speechless. I do not know what goes through a persons head to even think of committing acts like this to a baby, child or adult, but especially a baby! Sadly in society we do see those people that are sick enough to think about doing unspeakable acts towards others and the ones that actually do those that others think about. My position on the law is like the Bible says, “an eye for an eye” I wish that was our legal system! I think we would have less crimes, maybe. But unfortunately we are not in the Bible days and are unable to punish in that way. I’ve heard that in jails and prisons that they don’t like child molesters or anyone that hurts children. Well, I hope that they hear about this. Here is a link to the article and a quick video explaining what happened. Please look at it and leave me a comment.



What are your thoughts on what I have said? What are your thoughts on the article and video? Do you feel as I about “an eye for an eye”? What would you do if you were a family member or the other parent?

Keep your children close to you, I know I do. May God bless and watch over us, especially our children.


Tell me what u think!

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