An Unfair Trial

After the punches

After the punches



   After being in a two year relationship and it ending suddenly and all of these legal woes, I am knocked down again with a legal paper saying my ex, David, who might I remind you, beat my face in while holding our son, a total of 6 times, making my face swell up and a black eye and face for 2 weeks after that. He filed for temporary custody!

   I get all my stuff I need in order to win this case (because I cannot afford an attorney and he can as he illegally claimed my oldest son on his tax returns in which I did do the legal and right thing by turning him in for it). So after praying to my God for days upon days, evenings upon evenings, I head into court. He’s not even there yet. His attorney informs us that he’s running a little late, which so happens to be and hour and 20 minutes late! While my mom, Chris (my son who was involved in the altercation) and myself were there on time!

   He had Camilla Davis who is good at what she does. But unfortunately, I got a judge that didn’t care for me, whether it was because I could not afford the retainer fee of $1500 for an attorney or what, but he didn’t even glance over the paper work that I handed to him, nor look at the gross pictures of my face that showed a day by day progress of my face. And one where David was passed out on the toilet. He disregarded everything I had to say and kept saying, “Let’s hurry this along, we have another case to hear,” No judge, you just want to go eat. Had David and his mother been ON TIME we wouldn’t be having this matter! It kind of makes me think that that was his attorney’s plan.

   His attorney put David up on the stand and oh my goodness he looked even more horrible than when he was drinking!!! The bags under his eyes had bags…just horrible. He has pictures where he takes Kallyn to his work. REALLY?? To his work? Where he sits on the phone and answers the phone for The Drug and Alcohol Council of North Carolina, they want a 2-year old in the background talking and yelling? Hmmmm….and where does my child take a nap at? Two year olds need naps!! He states that his boss doesn’t mind and that there is a pallet there laid out for him. Wow, on a concrete floor, just how many blankets do you have laid out for him is what I want to know!

   So with David and his elderly mother getting on the stand and acting very feeble won the judge over to have temporary custody. Talk about an unfair trial if I’ve ever seen one! So I am writing to attorneys now, pleading my case as well as a new friend who is a Godsend who is going to make some calls to attorneys he knows in Durham and see what he can do for me! I am more over joyed that I WILL get my PROPER day in court and I will get my son back, in my arms, where he has been for 2 years and where he WILL stay!


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