**Artisan Bath & Body** Product Review

At Artisan Bath And Body (an Etsy shop) you can find homemade soaps, natural beauty and vegan skin care products by a lady named Cristy who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cristy has a love for both bath and body products that have a greener alternatives for the everyday products she uses at home. Cristy decided to begin to make her own soaps and other toiletries. Thus becoming her passion. After a period of time her family and friends encouraged her and motivated her to start selling her products online.

Etsy is a site that you can join and become a shop owner or just a follower of different items and shops. You design your shops and give it a name and put pictures of you products and information you want people to know about that product. You sell any of your homemade, handmade products. You can also blog, discover and connect to people, all the while promoting your shop. Like Pinterest, you follow and like other peoples’ interests and/or their shops.
Cristy knew she wanted her products to have more greener alternatives, most of the soaps that are made and sold on Etsy are made with a process method. A Cold Process Method is a method that is used to make the soap in an eco-friendly way, since it requires little energy.

The ingredients used in Artisans’ Bath and Body soaps emphasize that most of them are vegan. Mostly because of the use of vegetable oils. Although Cristy likes diversity and says that her soaps’ diversity is the “spice of life,” so some of the other soaps are not vegan and may include some additives such as goat milk, beeswax, lanolin, honey, yogurt, silk or buttermilk.

Cristy sent me a wonderful smelling bar of soap made of sea salt and charcoal. I told her that my favorite essential oil is lavender and she gave me a present that I didn’t know about. When I received her products to test out, I found a small, round jar and I opened the jar and took a quick sniff. A really big smile appeared on my face and my 14 year old asks me with excitement in his voice, “well, what is it?” It was a creamy body butter with “lavender essential oil and the creamy butter itself had a chocolaty note due to the unrefined cocoa butter content.” This is great to use as a treatment for hair and absolutely wonderful for hands (I loved it!) The feel of silky smooth hands and the intoxicating scent as well as all of the general body. When used in small amounts, you can even use it as chap stick.

At Artisan Bath and Body their products are made entirely by hand containing high quality ingredients that come in small batches to adhere to and with strict standard to ensure quality and freshness. Artisans soaps retain the natural glycerin formed in the soap making process and is great for those with sensitive skin. At Artisans, they wait until you order and then pack your order by hand in a very clean and organized designated area. None of their products contain genetically modified oils (GMOs), our raw materials are bought from reputable sources. Always read the description of the product you are buying to avoid any allergic reaction to its components or any other important information about the product. You can visit Shop Policies for other important information.

Artisan Bath and Body offer a wide range of bath and body product. Of course there are soaps. There is even a Soap Gift Guide! Different soaps for him and for her as well as unisex and much, much more, clearance sales as well as a line of vegan skincare. Artisans is now introducing mineral makeup.

I tested some products and I must express what careful but talented way everything was packaged together and how beautiful it looked! Time and attention to detail is what was going through may head as I opened each item. I had the bar of soap I mentioned earlier, a wide range of mineral eye makeup, in which I have posted pictures of the makeup that I put to the test! The colors range from lovely ranges beginning with creamy light silk color to beige to shades of brown.

On this particular day that I tested out the makeup, it was extremely hot and humid and I had to keep drying my face on a towel due to sweat. I put my makeup on that day and tried out three different mineral eye colors. You can see the look I came together with in the pictures above. I put on my makeup around 7 am and didn’t the wash my face and remove the eye makeup until 11 pm. I found that my foundation and powder came off in certain areas of my face (those areas I wiped sweat off of), but my eye makeup still looked great! The light shades and brown were still there! The sweating hadn’t bothered the mineral eye colors at all. My eyes looked the way they had looked when I applied the colors that morning.

After two weeks of having the Artisan products, I still had some of the body butter left. I also received Aloe Vera translucent powder that I have been using every day and it really keeps my face looking great!

There are many great skincare products, soaps, mineral makeup and clearance items on Cristys’ Etsy shop. You can find Artisan Bath and Body at https://www.etsy.com/people/ArtisanSoapInVegas Below are links to social media sites where you can look at products, share your favorites and sign up for the Artisan Bath and Body newsletter. By subscribing to the newsletter, you will be kept up to date on any and all sales going on, news and promotions.
Have any questions or comments? Tell me what you think of this by leaving a comment below or go to Cristys etsy shop and click on ‘contact owner’. I will definitely be purchasing more of the skin care line from this shop!

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Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/artisanbathandbody or do a search and put artisan bath and body

Artisan B&B Sea Salt & Charcoal Soap

Artisan B&B Sea Salt & Charcoal Soap


6 responses to “**Artisan Bath & Body** Product Review

  1. Oh my goodness Courtney! Thank you so very much for sharing! I really appreciate it so much, and love how you describe all of this. Thanks again, Cristy.

    • Hi Sandy!
      Yes, I love love love her soaps and the body butter! It works extremely well on dried hands! When I wash the dishes, the car or am fresh out of the shower, my hands are horrible! My pointer fingers are so so dry for some reason and soon as I put the body butter on me is when the body butter is rubbed on those two fingers! It is like taking a breath mint for your hands! I immediately feel the body butter working and soothing my cracked fingers. I really do recommend this product, to everyone! Cracked fingers or not! xoxo

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