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Heart Fruit n VeggiesDetoxify Your Body Chart | Healthy Food House.

My mom and I are going to detoxify our bodies in the coming weeks and I stumbled upon this on a friends’ Facebook page. I saw the chart and decided that I wanted to share this. Everyone should do a full body detox every other month. I went to a masseuse that does a detoxification that is unique. You have to keep coming back to get all the toxins out of your body. You put your feet in this special water and there is a current in the water that brings out toxins through your feet. She gave me a chart that tells you what the colors in the water are. Like if you smoke, you will have black beads in your water. You will see yellow for fats among other colors. You feel fresher once it’s over and you drink more water just like after a massage.
So do something healthy for yourself and do a self-detox!


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