Phoenix man rapes woman at knifepoint while her horrified boyfriend lies next to her in bed:Report

When I was going through my Twitter news feed in the wee hours this morning (thanks to not being able to sleep because I had taken a nap really late in the evening because of a headache that was turning to a migraine), I came across a post that said something like, “Men what would you do in a situation like this” or something very close to that and it had this link attached. I clicked on it and was immediately disgusted and appalled at what I read. Yes, statistics show that every two minutes someone is raped or sexually abused. One in four women will be raped or sexually assaulted in their lifetime and one in twenty-two men will be. Those are alarming statistics, but unfortunately real ones. You hear or read about things like this all the time and don’t think it can happen to you. This is just horrible. I feel for the woman and the man in this situation. You never know what you will do until you are in a situation like this or something similar. You can have all the knowledge or training but when it happens to you, you are over-whelmed by the shock and surprise that you don’t know what to do. I have all the knowledge about sexual assault and domestic violence and swore no man would lay a hand on me. But when my youngest son’s father raised his fist and started punching me in the face, while holding our two year old son, I had lost all I knew! I stood there, my head flying back and forth like I was a punching bag. Everything left me and once again, and I became a victim. I am a survivor now. It is hard to “come back” from something like this. I send my thoughts and prayers to them, their family and friends. I wouldn’t wish a thing like this on my worst enemy.


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