My Own Makeup Line & Giveaway!

So after using mineral makeup pigments from Star Crushed Minerals and other places, I decided since I LOVE makeup so much that I am going to start my own makeup line! I’ve been getting help from a new friend that I met on the site! She has her own website as well. She has been educating me for over a week now teaching me how to make mineral eye makeup. Her name is Sandrah and she has helped me so very much! I am an apprentice right now and I am having so much fun!
I’m having a problem right now trying to come up with my own name for my line. Once I get the mineral eye makeup down, I will start on other makeup!
Would you like to help me name my makeup line? If so, leave a comment or email me! I will award the name I like the most with my first two beautiful eye pigment colors! Ready for the challenge? One….Two….Three…GO!!!
I’m doing this until March 15th, so get some ideas together or with your friends! Good luck on this challenge! And thanks for participating! I love you all! Muah!


Tell me what u think!

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